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HypnoMama - Mindful Birthing

The HypnoMama class uses hypnosis and meditation techniques to teach families vital skills which help facilitate a smooth pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. You will be empowered through evidence-based childbirth education, hypno-meditation techniques, and traditional labor coping skills. Families will leave class ready to take on all the twists and turns that labor and parenthood throw their way!

​This class utilizes over 35 years of research on the physical and psychological benefits of hypnosis and mindfulness meditation, including a recent 2013 study which demonstrated that a blended mindfulness and skills-based childbirth education class was associated with improvements in women’s sense of control and confidence in giving birth.

using hypnobirthing and hypnobabies to prepare for childbirth, mindful birthing class, the art of mindful birthing
HypnoMama Couple coping with labor like a rockstar, mindful birthing techniques for labor, take the class in Colorado Springs of Live Stream

A Multi-Methodology Approach

Hypno-Mama prepares couples with the best of Hypnosis, Meditation, Evidence-Based research, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Sports Psychology, Birthing From Within, and Traditional Labor Coping. Families will leave with a "tool-box" full of techniques to eliminate fear and tension, sink into deep relaxation, and navigate their way through a calm, confident birth.  

During class you will gain understanding of how labor works, interventions and when they are best employed, and how to navigate any changes to your plan. Partners will be empowered with tangible tools to support the birthing mother and baby. Couples will build skills to stay connect during labor and bolster bonding with each other and their new baby throughout the whole process. 

PE Packages

Meet Sarah

Sarah has been a doula, midwifery assistant, student nurse, placenta encapsulator, and instructor since 2012. She has attended hundreds of births and taught many families. She is passionate about empowering families on their journey into parenthood!

Scheduling for HypnoMama Mindful Birthing Childbirth Edcuation Class, Virtual Love stream or local in Colorado Springs

Schedule and Booking

This course is designed to give families the most concise yet effective learning opportunities. The curriculum is broken up into 5 weeks and meets on consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6-845pm at Enso Prenatal. Live streaming options are available. Registration is easy, click the link below, select the Childbirth Education tab and scroll to find the HypnoMama Class series that works best for your schedule and due date.

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Hello Mama!

Moving forward is simple. Book your services today, then text the business line when baby arrives, and we will coordinate the rest.

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Not certain you are ready to take the plunge? Give us a call and we can chat out the details! We love answering questions about how to optimize your wellness plans post-birth!

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