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Placenta Encapsulation

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and herbalists have utilized the placenta as a healing remedy for thousands of years. Studies have shown that the placenta is extremely nutrient rich, high in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as your own natural hormones. Consumption of the placenta has been known to help regulate hormones, balance mood, and increase milk supply. Other women have reported increased energy, increased circulation, reduced bleeding, a greater sense of calm, and a deeper level of sleep. 

Encapsulation offers mothers an opportunity to use the placenta to speed their recovery after birth and support a healthy postpartum year. Through placenta encapsulation, the placenta is transformed from a life sustaining organ into a safe, holistic remedy. 

Placenta Tincture can be added to any en

Packages and Pricing

Our services are designed with your ease in mind.


Package Details: 
     • Pick up from your home 
     • Delivery to your home
     • Placenta Processing 
     • UV Resistant Amber Glass Jars
     • Cord Keepsake
Additional Options 
     • Placenta Tincture +$25
     • Pickup and Delivery Outside COS 
       (Pricing Depends on Location)     

It is important that your placenta is stored correctly and that we are contacted promptly after birth, ideally on the day of or during the next set of normal business hours. Please review our FAQ page to learn more about logistics, safe handling, and more.


PE Packages

Benefits of Encapsulation

Whether it's women who have struggled with postpartum mood disorders, low milk supply, or less severe issues such as fatigue and feeling out of balance, mother's around the world report significant positive impacts from the use of placenta encapsulation. The organization Placenta Benefits.Info, has collected tons of research and case studies to help us understand the science behind the process.

Check out their wealth of information to learn more.

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